Getting picked up at park and/or resort

This question is more or less theoretical right now, although it stems from a potential scenario I came up with while planning our May Universal trip. (But, yes…this is a WDW question.)

Let’s say that I’m at either a park or a resort, but the rest of the family is not. They have the car. And when I’m done, they wish to pick me up.

Is there a pick-up place (without having to pay to park) at each of the parks? For example, if I were at Epcot, could they come pick me up?

And, similarly, will they let them into a resort if all they are doing is coming to do is pick me up (no mobile order, etc.)? For example, if I were at Boardwalk, would they be allowed to pick me up?

Yes, there is.

This may be more challenging due to the current environment in which drivers are being turned away if not staying there or with a confirmed TS

Okay. That’s what I wondered. (Like, it would seem Uber drivers and such would have to be allowed to do this…but not the average joe.)

In the case of a Boardwalk example, it would probably require me walking either to HS or Epcot front gate, then.

I forget what it’s called but there’s signage for it. Maybe like “live dropoff” or something like that.

For Boardwalk you could have them try but there’s just no guarantee so it may be easiest to avoid the hassle and go to the main gate

Okay. Thanks!

Nothing may come of it, as I said…but as we are talking through a few options, I want to have the full picture in my head on how this works! :slight_smile:

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If you needed to be picked up by car from the Boardwalk( and they couldn’t enter the resort), it would probably be closer to have them pick you up from the speedway gas station right across the street as opposed to walking all of the way to a park entrance. It is about a 5 min walk from the Boardwalk.

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This brings up a great memory. Years ago, we used to do this on occasion when we stayed offsite. On this particular evening, the plan was that the wife and kids would take the boat from MK to Wilderness Lodge to avoid the long monorail and ferry lines, and I would pick them up there. It was very late at night, I had gone back a little bit early to bring the grandparents back to our accommodations, and upon pulling up to WL later on, the resort security was none too pleased with me “evading their questions” and trying to be let in to the resort grounds after midnight. Let’s just say we had quite the conversation while I tried to finally explain to them why I had my family take the boat to a resort where we were not registered. I promptly received a police/security vehicle escort up to the lodge entrance, and they seemed very pleased when they finally saw a mom and kids trotting out the front entrance after to our vehicle and jumping in. Good times! I’d do it all over again,

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I just saw that this morning… There’s drop off of Lyft but there is a ‘medical drop off’ area too. So, you could drop someone off that has limited mobility and then go and park the car. I would assume you could pick them up too? DFB mentioned it and then I noticed the signage today.