Getting less...for more! (AKA DVC)


That is total BS. For a while I was tracking DVC points costs, and although there were shifts for particular days due to the season schedule, you could pretty much rely on the seasonal points cost for a given resort room type to be the same year after year.


Exactly- but I do believe it is definitely within their rights.


I’m old enough to remember broken records, so I am one. All of these allegedly “shady” actions with respect to point allocations are clearly spelled out in the prospectus and the contract. I’ll have to dig my big DVC binder out from wherever it’s hiding to confirm, but I’m pretty sure these points were even in bold type. If a buyer assumed that it was meaningless boilerplate, then that’s on him or her.

Again, it was typical from 2005 onward, which is when I started making use of what would become my DVC points directly, that point allocations would change from year to year. The glossy, thick bound softcover volume owners would get every year would have two years’ point calendars for each resort side by side to show the points differences. This period of the last few years where there wasn’t a points reallocation was unusual in my experience.


I know you have said that King Cat but the two major reallocations that seem to be referred to was the 2010-2011 change where Disney made a point:

The same point was made, repeatedly, to all new owners about the SSR reallocation. Both of these were significant shifts but still allowed owners to continue to book the same amount a days, at some point in the year, for the same point. This is not the case in 2020.

Funny, there is a 50 point minimum for new Copper Creek owner add ons, but they are selling 10 point contracts. It is all so crazy.


“Essentially” is doing a lot of lifting in that sentence. Under very specific conditions that was true, but more often than not a whole week got more or less “expensive.” The plural of “anecdote” isn’t “data,” but the number of room nights I’ve gotten from my points is +/-1 over the last five years. Make of that what you will.


I suppose people with larger contracts can get close. When every single week is at least 10 points more a week for a resort that is not the case. It may be an issue only for people with smaller contracts but when every single night increases at least 1 point, it hits hard.


There was a discussion of all of this on the Welcome Home Podcast released Monday with 2 people from the DVC Resale Market who are former Disney DVC sales people if anyone is interested.


Thank you!


They did change the total points for the year in some cases. There is a clause in the contract that actually states they can do this.


There are reports tonight that Disney has revised the 2020 point charts.