Getting from TTC to Boardwalk?

Planning on watching Wishes from TTC for our June trip since DH about had a panic attack exiting MK this past summer after Wishes due to crowds. We will be staying at Boardwalk. I know we could take monorail from TTC to Epcot and walk back to Boardwalk. But most nights according to predicted hours now, Epcot closes before MK. What is best way to get from TTC then if Epcot closed? Are there buses from TTC to resorts or shoud we take ferry back to MK and then bus back to Boardwalk from there?

via MK is likely the cheapest/best option. You could also walk to Poly and get a cab.

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via MK is likely the cheapest/best option. You could also walk to Poly and get a cab.[/quote]

I agree with this. The only other way to make the work would be to pick a night when Epcot is open late for EMH.

If you don’t have your heart set on the TTC, you could also watch from the balcony on the 4th floor on the Contemporary, then walk to the MK bus stop to get a bus back to Boardwalk. You’d still deal with some crowds, as people exit the park after the fireworks, but nothing like you would see in the middle of Main Street.

Last thought, I watched fireworks from just outside the Magic Kingdom, between the turnstiles and ferry dock. You can’t see everything you would in the park, but there’s hardly anyone out there and you’re ahead of the masses when the show is over. It looks like this:

Another possibility would be to time things out so that you are watching Wishes from the ferry. If you get things right, you could take the monorail from MK to TTC, then take the ferry back to MK during wishes. Then you would be at the MK entrance ahead of the crowds and be one of the first on the next resort bus.

Thank you for all of your suggestions! @brklinck I never thought about watching them from the ferry. How long does the ride usually take? Just wondering so we can time it correctly:)

I think HS is open later than EP on most nights and any night that HS has EMH you could go to Poly, take the bus to HS and then walk to BW.

@PrincipalTinker I never thought about going via HS either. Will have to check out potentially when HS has EMH too since that could be safest to allow extra time in case we are too tired to walk and want to take a boat instead.

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I’m not sure how long it takes, but I have read that sometimes the captain will dock and wait until they are over, so you can stay on the boat and watch from the top deck.

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