Getting from Epcot to HS in the same day

I have a reservation at the Sci-Fi Theater at 5:30 on the day I have us going to Epcot. So… I think what I’m asking is: for people who have actually been to DW, is it difficult to get from Epcot to Hollywood Studios/Sci-Fi? How far in advance would you recommend leaving Epcot to get to HS? Would walking be feasible? (It’s a party of 2 reasonably healthy adults, we both just ran a 5k this past May and didn’t keel over/vomit/have to be carried out on stretchers but realistically we will probably be very tired by the end since that will be day 4 of our vacation). Maybe I should use an Uber?

(I did look at Google maps but it’s saying to use caution because it “may involve errors”… so that was about as helpful as a screen door on a submarine. Also, it doesn’t seem to want to send me THROUGH HS but around, which also isn’t particularly helpful.)

you can walk it in less than 30 minutes

if you leave through the international gateway and head towards the boardwalk, there is a path directly to the main gate of HS

there is no way to make an error or wrong turn

you can also head towards the bc/yc and take a boat, but that may take longer

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You could definitely walk, but if you prefer you could take the bus directly from Epcot to HS or the boat!

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I just did this myself last December. The boat that docks at the International Gateway exit of Epcot will take you directly to Hollywood Studios. It goes from the International Gateway, then to the Boardwalk Resort, then to Beach Club/Yacht Club, then Swan and Dolphin then Hollywood Studios and then it does the return trip in the reverse of that order. Give yourself plenty of time though because that many stops does take a little time. Probably a little shorter than walking but as you said, sometimes you just want to sit down for bit.


Yes - what @BeckyCostello said - boat is nice but just know of all the stops in advance. If you want the fastest route, maybe the bus.

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given your fitness level, if the weather is good and unless you are at the complete opposite end of epcot from IG, there is no guaranteed faster way than walking the path past bw

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Thanks for your input everyone! I feel a lot better keeping that dinner reservation now :slight_smile: I’m also very glad to hear you can’t possibly get lost, because I’m horrible at directions (so bad that I actually infect people around me and they also lose their sense of direction).


Easily walkable if weather is reasonable, you sound in better than average physical shape. Even if you take the bus you’ll still be outdoors in a good portion of that time anyways so might as well burn the calories. :slight_smile: