Getting from Beach Club to Magic Kingdom

Arriving /checking in around 3pm… Trying to decide on Ep or MK for first evening… How Much time should we budget to get to MK? Concerned about bus nightmare stories… Traveling 2nd wk Aoril…

I always plan 45 minutes to an hour to get to MK. Of course it is 5 minutes to EP!

I would do Epcot for your first evening. It is a quick walk over and you can get some dinner and then walk back. The bus system was not bad at BC, but there was one morning when we walked out to the bus stop and the MK area was packed so we turned around and got a taxi to take us over to the contemporary. The taxis usually wait in the front of the building and there will be someone there to help get one for you. It was less than $20 including tip.

Thanks so much… Very helpful!