Getting from BC to HDDR

Arriving on Sunday 8/24 mid-morning and staying at BC. I am not sure what to do midday but I was thinking storm along bay since it will be hot! We have 4pm HDDR. Fastest is probably bus to MK and then boat to wilderness but would it be more fun to walk through Epcot and take the monorail? I've never taken monorail between Epcot and MK and the rest of the trip we will probably be in a hurry, too hot, or too tired. Thoughts? Is it worth the walk and the heat and the time?

Why not?! Assuming you have AP's or are with a CM so you won't waste a ticket. I'd probably hit a few attractions in EP too.

We are going to MK after HDDR and have PH so it wouldn't waste a ticket and might make that day's tickets feel more valuable!

Good plan! Much more fun especially if you do a fun thing or three in EP. Curious about Storm Along. Wife and I will be at the Yacht Club and want to check it out.

We wanted BC specifically for SAB. It will be our first summer trip and I think we are going to need lots of pool time.