Getting from BC to AOA

We are staying at AOA in September. I am planning a shortish day at the AK one day and then going to Cape May for dinner. I know we can take the bus from AK to Beach Club for dinner, I am trying to figure the easiest way to get from BC to AOA. We won’t have park hoppers so we can’t walk through Epcot to the bus stop, but can we walk around Epcot and get to the bus stop? If not, what seems like the easiest way to get from BC to AOA?

You could take the boat or walk to DHS and catch a bus from there. You could also take a bus from BC to Disney Springs and catch a bus from there (though I wouldn’t recommend that, buses at DisSprings can be messy). You could also take an Uber. That’s what I would do.

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I’d recommend Uber too. The other options will work but will take much longer.


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Uber or a cab. $10-$15 of happiness. It’s a pretty short ride.