Getting Droids home

All 3 kids want to make a droid (currently they’ve all indicated R units, not BB).

How am I gonna get these things home? They seem pretty substantial in size…and x3!

Cushioned by dirty clothes in checked luggage? Which means bringing an extra bag to account for that much volume…which means $$ for extra checked bag each way, ugh.

Have kids carry-on in their backpacks?

Assuming Disney will ship them for us, how spendy is that?

I would either ship or do carry-on. We did carry-on with no real issue. But it would be hard in my opinion to pack it. And knowing what happens to suitcases (we had two nearly destroyed a few weeks ago from airport handling), I would avoid it. Shipping might be the smart alternative as well. Probably worth any expense to keep from lugging it around. We did ditch the carrying case (just cardboard) and put it in a backpack.

We did carry-on as well. We used the cardboard carrying cases they came in, so kids had backpack with their travel stuff plus droid box. I never looked into shipping but I could’ve sworn others posted that it was around $18-20. I can’t track that down now though, so don’t know.

Not sure how much Droid shipping would be, but we shipped a light saber home, Wilderness Lodge to Michigan, for $17.95.

We brought a couple of BB’s in a hardcover suitcase, wrapped in clothing. I was not worried at all about them holding up but you’re right, 3 will take up quite a bit of space. Of course less of hassle than carry on, I wouldn’t do that myself because I have no doubt that it’d be me carrying them eventually…

Might be worth checking how much the cost will be for extra case vs shipping.