Getting Day Of FP's rules

I know this has been answered before, but I can’t find the post at the moment.

What are the rules for expired and unused Fastpasses when trying to book additional day-of FP’s. Specifically, at Epcot, I really have no use for Tier 2 Fastpasses and want to try to book a day-of tier 1 FP as soon as I use my first tier 1. What is the best way to accomplish this?

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Staying within a park, you must use 2 tier 2 FPs before being able to book another tier1.

You can let these expire, or tap in and not ride. But you need to book them in the first place.

Park hopping has different rules. You do not have to use all 3 before hopping.


Book tier 1 at 9-10 time, book tier 2 at 10 and 11. RD one tier 1, scan FP around 9:30-10am. Scan 1st tier two 9:55am, move up 2nd tier two as early as you can and scan 2nd tier two. You will be ready to book 2nd tier 1 10:30ish. You don’t have to ride tier 2s to burn the FP if you don’t wish to.


I should add I usually FP TT, RD FEA and pick up Soaring as 4th.


On this note: You must at least be in the park of these fastpasses in order for them to expire. If you are not in the park, they will not expire - they will become unused.

Unused FPs beyond their window must be rescheduled - which means they are forced into the tier system.

Expired FPs simply go away, and once the last has expired or been tapped in to, you can book new FPs in any tier.


Also, I thought I read, in a prior conversation on this topic, that someone said that if you book the T2’s for AFTER the T1’s, they do not expire and you have to tap in; they only expire if you book them before the T1’s and then use the T1 at its appointed time. There was some disagreement about this, however. But Nickysyme’s advice about modifying them up in time and using them quickly certainly avoids that issue.

So for park hopping–say I use my FPP for Soarin at EP, and then decide I want to go to AK; can I modify my T2’s previously set for EP, to AK, even FOP?

They usually don’t expire if they are afterwards. Tapping in and not riding (assuming you don’t want to ride) and then trying to move your next one to a closer time is probably the best thing to do.

I wanted to link a thread I thought I’d done about this, but can’t find it.

Let’s start with the basics, terminology wise.

You can book three initial FPs.

If you pre-book them, ie: in advance, they must be in the same park.

On the day, these can be made in multiple parks; they are still your initial three FPs.

Park hopping

If you are planning to park hop, then just book 1 or 2 FPs in the first park.

Then, as soon as you tap in to the first one, you can book the remainder of your initial FPs in another park.

Those can be another tier 1 ride in a second park, a tier 1 and a tier 2 in the second park, or even two tier 1 rides in two different parks.

If you already have three FPs, you must cancel those in order to make them in another park. You cannot modify.


You managed to get FoP on a day you really want to be at Epcot.

Tap into FoP, and whilst in line book TT and SE at Epcot.


Tap into FoP and book TT at Epcot and Alien Saucers at DHS (both tier 1).

OK, actually you booked FPs at AK, but change your mind after one ride.

Cancel the remaining FPs in AK.

Book two more elsewhere, as above.


Awesome, thanks! Great explanation–I’m ready!! Bring on October!

What happens to Tier 2 unused FP? Can they be modified? If the Tier 1 has already been used, can they be used for Tier 1 or do I still have to stick with Tier 2?

If you’ve got them stuck in “Unused” mode, they can only be modified into Tier II. If you cancel them, you will only be able to schedule a Tier II attraction until you’ve used up your initial allotment of 3 (1xTier I, 2xTier II).

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Yeah, those are good.

But I thought I’d started one about the park hopping under FP+, which changed back in 2016 to allow your initial FPs to be booked in different parks if you wait until day-of. That isn’t covered in those threads, and It was certainly little known then, going by the response it generated!

Maybe it was just within a thread though. I’ll maybe do a search and find it.