Getting closer!

Just did our online check-in! Asked for highest floor and near transportation. I know not to expect either, but it’s fun to dream.

We are staying at AoA in a Cars suite and we can’t wait! My son is so excited to see the room.

Also got our fastpasses done and I’m pleased with the times.

Thank you for letting me gush, I know you all understand, and I think my husband is getting sick of me talking about it…


Everyone here totally understands lol. We leave Friday after starting with a 244 day countdown so I totally get it! Glad you got good fast passes.

If you use the room finder on touring plans to find an area you like you can always fax the resort a few days before check in to increase your odds of getting the one you like.

I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten all of my requests but I’ve always had a great room! It will be great. My husband too gets tired of hearing about it. It’s too exciting though. You’re going to Disney! Enjoy the excitement.

I went crazy this time and made no requests but since I used a TA (had to for the WDW Reunion pricing and events) I made a one pager for the TA to fax in on our behalf using the text and room numbers from the Touring Plans room finder.

I am now questioning if I also gave the TA the fax number to send it to or if I can just assume they know where to send it. Fingers crossed

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