Getting Closer...t-19 and Counting!

The Magic Bands arrived on Thursday and are now decorated and waiting. 19 days until we leave!

(Of course, now I see that ds’ band has the stickers slightly misaligned and they must be fixed when I get home tonight.)


They look awesome! Where did you order the stickets from?

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Someone shared the link to here and we ordered them last month.

I managed to lose the Mad Hatter center piece for my Small World band when I showed them to my husband (it is the last time I saw it). My son’s has Tron on the band and Baymax in the center and dd has Ursula on the top, the “maid” from Haunted Mansion on the bottom, and the center is self explanatory. :wink:

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They are really cute - I am considering for my trip in Dec. I have a red band, I am going to the MNSSHP as the queen of hearts & they have a queen of hearts skin - sooo…

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Dd is a big Alice fan and considered that. Have you ever seen the litographs t-shirts? Dd has the Alice one. She’s going to bring it to WDW to wear to our 1900 PF breakfast. (They have a Peter Pan one too!)

that is so cool!!!
I love it :star_struck: :star_struck::star_struck: