Getting close to the end of my AP (What did I miss?)

Well, it is getting near to the end. Last February I was fortunate enough to begin a year of Walt Disney World bliss by getting Annual Passes for my family of 4. It was a unique set of circumstances that led to it. A trip then that we knew would overlap with the trip this February made it easy to see the value in overlapping the park tickets. A chance to empty a retirement fund from an old job (there really wasn’t much in it, but enough for a few flights from Western NY).
I like to think that we did a pretty good job of taking advantage of all the AP had to offer. Had a couple other short trips, one for SWGE preview, and used the passholder rate for rooms. Got one more in with some extended family. We used the discount like crazy in stores and on MVMCP tickets. We got the magnets at the festivals we got to (only missed F&W). We aren’t renewing because we have enough other things going on in the near future that we need a break, but I plan doing the AP thing again if stars align as they did.

So, here is my question. Did I miss anything? Was there a benefit of the AP that I didn’t use? For anyone out there with AP’s, what is your favorite perk?