Getting around on Thanksgiving day - WDW transport?

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My husband and I have dining plans for tomorrow (Thanksgiving Day). It’s our first visit to WDW and I’d like your advice. Would anyone be willing to advise on how to get around using Disney transport with our itinerary? I’ve put our plans/questions below. We’re not doing parks that day - just dining - and we’re not checked into a Disney hotel for that night.

  1. Spending the morning at Disney Springs. How do we best get from Disney Springs to Sanaa for lunch?

  2. Dinner at Ale & Compass. How do we best get from Sanaa to Ale & Compass?


  1. There should be a bus to Kidani from Disney Springs

  2. Lyft

If you truly only want to use Disney transportation : bus from DS to AKL. There are two stops- Kidani and Jambo- get off at Kidani. I would give myself at least an hour for that. Honestly, I would be waiting for that bus most likely 90 minutes before my ADR (DS buses seem to tak forever!)

From Sanaa to Ale & Compass you can take the bus from Kidani to Epcot and walk to world showcase. Turn right as you enter past Canada and UK, exit through International Gateway - Yacht Club is past Beach Club on your right. Or- bus to HS and walk or take boat to Yacht Club.

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  1. Bus direct from DS to Kidani is your best choice.

  2. Resort to resort is the one great failings of the Disney transportation system. No matter how you do it, it will take 2 forms of transportation; there’s no easy way… The above recommendations are sound, although the EP option will require you to walk the full length of the park and is only viable if you have PHs.

Personally, I would take a bus from AKL to AK, and then take a second bus from AK to YC.


The bus to AK and then bus to YC is a great option!

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I agree. The ride to AK is so fast from AKL.

I would probably Lyft that portion. But if you’re wanting to save some cash I like the AKL—AK—YC plan

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