Getting an ILL or LL for hopping

I know at Disneyland/DCA if you grabbed an ILL or LL for the other park than you were entering, it would automatically bump you to the first available slot after hopping opened.

Does it work the same way at WDW? I’m giving up one of my Epcot start days since Merida is meeting again, but only before hopping begins - but I’d be wanting to grab an ILL for Cosmic Rewind and hop over to Epcot for a bit before returning to MK for fireworks. Would the system know that I’d be hopping since I am booked for MK and auto-bump the ILL to 2pm or later?

I think you can pick your time slot for ILLs so it shouldn’t matter. You can just select a time after 2 pm.

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As noted for ILL you can select a time slot. For regular LL, if park hopping it will pick a time after 2PM. Which is great if you’re hopping at 2PM of course. If hopping at 7 after an ADR, it can take a lot more patience to flesh out your evening waiting for rides to slide into your hopping zone…

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I’d be hopping at 2 so I can hop back to MK since I have a dinner ADR in MK and I want to see the fireworks there since I haven’t seen them yet.

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