Getting a good spot for fireworks at magic kingdom

I was reading about how early is recommended to get a good spot to see the fireworks at magic kingdom. From what I read, about 1h 15min before seems to be recommended to get a pretty good spot - I was hoping to aim for behind the fence of one of the gardens in the hub. Is that timing still accurate? We are planning on being there on a predicted crowd level 5 day.

The other question is, Once Upon a Time is scheduled for 730, and happily ever after at 8. Would be need to be there 1h 15min before OUAT or HEA?

I don’t mind getting a spot pretty early since I think the kids actually being able to see vs looking at the back of people’s head’s is worth it, and we can get food etc that should keep us semi occupied.

Thank you for your help!

Here’s my advise. Pick a spot where you can see what you want to see be it parade or the fireworks. Be there one hour early and stay put. About 5 to 15 minutes before things get going in both cases you will find people coming to push ahead of you especially if they have kids. They will act like it is their right and push right ahead of you and sit down in front of the rope. What to do? You simply tell them and or prevent them from doing this and be firm about it. Mind you this will happen as it has happened to I and my wife on a number of occasions. Stand up for your viewing rights and doubted let it happen to you.


I agree. I hate those people who try to shove ahead of you. And God forbid you left a little breathing room between you and the people or object in front of you. They seem to think it was left there for them to take. Be firm and tell them you saved that space for over an hour.

Thanks for the advice! I will have to work on my assertiveness in this :slight_smile: