Getting 60 day FPP for people who are joining us later

Sorry, I know I’ve seen this discussed but I never paid too much attention! I have a DVC split stay reservation. Two nights with just me and DH, then DS will be joining us when we move. Can I get FPP for him on my first day to choose even though he won’t be listed on the first reservation? It makes me nervous to assume all will work, even though I think people say I will be able to do this. I suppose I can just add him to our first reservation even though he won’t be there yet. His ticket will be a 6 day, separately purchased, and I can make the first day the same as when we arrive. My DH and I have AP.

Also, my nephew who lives locally and has an AP will be joining us on our AK day. He is already linked to my MDE. I don’t really want to add him to our week-long DVC reservation, but I will if it’s necessary to get his FPP with ours.

I have had success with this fairly recently (August). I made reservations for people who where already on their 60 day window and then I added people who were not to the reservation. It worked, it was just impossible to edit their FPs for a while.

Yes you will be able to book your son’s FPs with yours, assuming he will be doing the same FPs as you.

And you can book for your nephew for AK too.

I had a similar question. My friend and I will both be going for Princess half Marathon weekend and staying in separate rooms at Pop. She arrives 3 days before me and we are linked in MDE. Will she be able to make FP for both of us at her 60d window?

She should be able to, yes.

Thanks for clarifying! I still feel unsure sometimes with FP.