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Good morning, friends.

I need some advice. I am flying into Sanford for the first time next week. Currently have Florida Town Car booked for transportation to/from and starting to rethink the decision. Why? Because it’s expensive. $200 cash, not including grocery stop and tip.

It seemed reasonable weeks ago when I was just trying to have things planned. But the closer it gets, I waver. I chose Florida Town Car due to good reviews and grocery store stop. And their prices aren’t too out of line from other companies. But why is it so expensive? Demand?

Found out from “Tony” the grocery stop is now an Instacart order. Couldn’t I do an order separately and ship it to the hotel? Although, I love the idea of having a driver dedicated to me and only me. (I’ve always wanted to have a driver standing there with my name on one of those signs.) :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

And Tony seems as real and :100: as they come.
This was the conversation when I called to book the reservation;

Him: “Hello?”
Me: Long pause. “Is this Florida Town Car?” :laughing:
Him: “Yeah, this is Tony.”

I accidentally called him again this morning. (Thought I was calling the number he gave for Publix.)
There was no answer, but he called right back.

Him: “Yeah, I got a call from this numba.”
Me: “Is this Tony?”
Him: “The one and only.”

I’m getting good vibes from the guy, but if I can get to AKL for say $75 verses $200, I would rather. However, if you think it’s best to stick with Tony, then I’m in. At the end of the day, my priorities are:

  • Transportation other than bus and Uber.

For $200 I’d just rent a car, personally. Especially now that there are no parking fees :smiley:

In my experience with transport these days, though, if you’ve found something good and someone reliable I’d stick with it. So many of the transfer vendors are struggling to keep up with demand that their service is slipping. I’d keep Tony if you don’t rent a car.


I don’t have any advice for you but you’ve really hooked me on Tony.


I used Tony when I flew into Sanford and was staying at Pop. I thought the $200 was actually on the low end for Sanford to Disney, but I didn’t do extensive research. Tony’s son Anthony picked me up at Sanford and Tony drove me back. Both were great: Anthony was quiet but friendly and Tony was chatty. I felt very safe with both, and very fancy. That said, if you’ve found another similar service for half the price, I think you have to consider that, as there was nothing particularly special about the experience.


Just to clarify, the $200 is round trip? I ask because round trip from MCO is $115.

I just looked it up. If you don’t do the stop it is $200 round trip?

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If only. Me. Driving a strange car in a city where I’ve never driven would be a nightmare. :laughing:

I feel the vibe.

Correct. So, not completely out of line even at MCO?


That is the one-way cost for many private companies. Uber/Lyft might save you money.


I highly recommend Tony. It was a joy to ride with them. Since it’s round trip, I say stick with it.


I book with Tony any time I don’t do I rental. He saved me when Quicksilver doubled the cost 48 hours before my trip.

I have recommended him multiple time including work friends. He has never let any of us down. I smile just thinking about him.


Is this Tony Hinds I saw another thread on last night or a different Tony?

Different - this is for Florida Towncar. Tony is the name of the owner.


OK, just lots of Tonys in the transportation business then. Good to know! :smiley:


I would never have known about the place if it hadn’t been for you. I had other woes from transportation throughout my trip (especially in Columbia, SC), but Florida Towncar was a huge bright spot.


And possibly tired or hungry.

We used Mears in June and I was mightily wishing for a town car by the time we got to our hotel.

But we were at MCO and Mears was there too and ‘cheaper’ cost.

Only been on a plane once to WDW but 4 times by train. Now I have some plane experience if I ever need it.


Tony it is then. Thanks, everyone.


Just out of curiosity, what type of vehicle does Florida Town Car use? I have been looking into options for my family of 5 (3 adults, 2 children) with 5 maybe 6 pieces of luggage (3 large). Just want to make sure it would all fit.

Different cars for different needs and availability. I was picked up at the train station in a Towncar and picked up in a smaller car at the end of the trip. It was just me.


Agree with @PrincipalTinker this price is good. The company I was going to recommend is $175 one way.

Edited: sorry - just saw that was a slightly older post. Glad you got it worked out!

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A Cadillac sedan and a towncar on the ride back to the airport. I preferred the towncar. It was a smoother ride.


Who drove you? For me, incoming, the wife and son, outgoing, the son. It was supposed to be Tony both times, but the train was very late on arrival.

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