Get Child Swap, then get in single rider line?

Can you go with your baby and the other parent to get the child swap pass, then get in the single rider line for RnR?

Can you? If you are riding solo, sure but if are riding (first ride) with kids, no since you would be split up from the kids, even into separate limos.

Yes, I would be riding solo. But I thought I had read on chat that some people thought
you could not do both but I’m not clear as to why. I assume you get the child swap pass up from and then you can go as you please into regular standby, single rider or FPP line. Yes?

If you are two adults with one baby to pass, you really don’t need a swap pass with an attraction with single rider since you both could use single rider. The swap pass gives you 're-entry to the FPP line, not single rider.
The guidelines do call for riders to use on first ride, standby or FFP, not single but it also assumes that parties aren’t riding solo.

the cm will direct you to enter the standby line (unless you had a FastPass, then you go in that line). I guess you could walk out of the standby to the single rider, but I’ve never tried.
If you ate planning on going through the single rider line, why would you get a rider swap? You’ve already shown an intention on just one person wanting to ride. The purpose of rider swap is for people who want to ride together but are limited by a non qualifying child

My take on this is that you can get into any of the three lines that you would like, but if you’re a group of three, it’s probably a waste of time and effort on your behalf to get the child swap pass unless the fast pass line is considerably shorter than the single rider line. I often did not even get right in line. We got the pass, went over and settled my mom in with the non-riding kid before getting back in line - I do not think that you would be questioned at all. Nor should you be. The point of the ride switch is to allow the second rider who is making the sacrifice of waiting with the kid the first time to get through the line quickly - regardless of how slowly or quickly the first rider or group of riders got through the line.

So much easier explaining this when you aren’t limited …

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