Get back to California Grill after Electric parade for Wishes?

We have an ADR for California Grill at 5:25 and then plan to head back into the park to watch the Electric Parade with the kids and then wishes. Trying to figure out the best option for Wishes - should we stay put at our viewing location for the Electric Parade (or try to move to a better viewing location for wishes within the park) or should we walk back to the Contemporary Resort and go to the balcony at CG to watch the fireworks.

Do we have enough time to do this?

We plan to leave the park right after Wishes - would it be easier to get to the disney transportation from within the park or walking back from CR?


Do you not want to see Celebrate the Magic? In theory if you watch the parade by the train station you most likely will be to the viewing deck at CG but I would get to a spot where I could watch CTM before Wishes (I love CTM).

I didn’t realize there was another show between the two. Is there a good spot to view all three?

Celebrate the Magic usually takes place about 15 minutes before Wishes. It is a show that is projected onto the castle. It is best viewed from the front of the castle. It is one of those unexpected treasures that you discover in Walt Disney World.

Thx @PrincipalTinker. Obviously a good spot for that would be a good spot for wishes as well. If we show up to get a spot that would work for all 3 45 min before the parade would that work - or should we arrive even earlier?

I think it would depend on the crowd level. I usually watch the parades around Hall of Presidents and then follow it to the front of the castle as it finishes in that area (which would be about 15-20 minutes before CTM?)