Germany Pavilion with kids

Part of me is thinking of trying to hop from Epcot to DHS on our last day. It would be our only day hopping since we have small kids 5 and 2.

I am looking to just hit the highlights at Epcot and leave NLT 5:00.

Right now in my TP I have the Germany Pavilion because we have lived there and the kids have visited Germany. But part of me wonders if its really worth it with kids and haven’t actually lived there.

The only other two pavilions we are visiting are Mexico and Norway.


Maybe just try to be organic about it If they don’t care for it move on. I find my little ones love watching the street performers. France has some fun ones and we usually stop there to get some pastries as well.

Thanks, my DH would probably be giving you a virtual hug if he was this comment. He’s begging me to be organic about a lot of things this trip!

Lol, I get it though. It’s hard not wanting to miss anything. When my DDs were 3 & 5, we did spaceship earth and journey into imagination (scared the heck out of my 3 year old btw) and then walked around. We only really stayed a half a day and then went to the hotel to do the pool and nap. Came back that night for dinner at Akershus and Frozen Ever After. It’s much easier to go with the flow there since there are fewer rides.

My kids love France and Italy for the performances and Mexico for the boat ride.

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In reality most of the pavilions = shopping. There are some shows, street performers, etc to see but the majority of your time will be spent wandering through the shops. Germany has an interesting toy shop and there are the trains to look at outside. Japan has interesting anime stuff and foods. The best “plan” is to just wander clockwise from Mexico and see what catches your eye. Have an interesting snack and a cold beverage - relax and enjoy!

You want to leave by 5, but what time do you anticipate getting to Epcot?

Honestly, the Germany pavilion hardly registers for me, so it didn’t stand out much. But that might be because we go to Frankenmuth at least once a year, which has far more “German” in it than the Germany pavilion. HOWEVER, if you do the Agent P adventure, I believe one of the puzzles takes place in Germany, if memory serves (which it might not).

Right when it opens!

This is true, plus eating! Germany has a fun toy store, Christmas store and candy store (!) and if you guys are interested in reminiscing I think it would be a fun stop. My husband grew up in Germany so it’s always a huge part of Epcot for us. He loves to grab a good beer and chit chat with the employees.

Another idea for your WS visit would definitely be just to hop around to the entertainment. You can put the shows into a TP and see how it goes if you aren’t comfortable winging it (we hear you!). There is a new act in Germany which sounds good and the Chinese acrobats and Japanese drummers would be great for those ages.

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I think this is a great idea for kids. Especially of that age. The younger one may be too young to enjoy the Agent P Adventure, although they could do the Kidcot stops and colour in the pictures etc.

ah, ok… Opening EP, leaving at 5 to hop to HS. Got it.

That’s 6 hours for World Showcase. Figuring this so you’ll end at the International Gateway between France & UK, here are my thoughts.

Forget about Canada.

there are Kidcot stations at all the countries, but honestly, it’s a bit of a chore and unless the your kids are really into getting the stamps, just do it when convenient.

Head to Mexico. Ride 3 Caballeros, check out Coco stuff if the kiddos like the movie. Donald meet.

Norway - interested in FEA? Fastpass only. Otherwise skip it. Anna & Elsa meet.

China - if you happen to come upon the acrobats, they are fun to watch. There’s a great gift shop in the back of the pavilion. Check out the main building with the terra cotta warriors and other exhibits. It’s quite something. And they have things from Shanghai Disney on display too. Mulan meet.

Germany - I like going through all of these shops. Grab a treat at Karamel Kuche. Snow white meet.

Italy - nice shops, lovely open areas to look around and take pics. Sergio is fun to watch.

US - American Adventure. it’s long but really well done. Good place for a break if you need one. try to catch the Voices of Liberty.

Japan - best shop in Epcot - Mitsukoshi dept store. Pick a pearl! Kuwaii “museum” in the back, very cute. Drums show…take it or leave it.

Morocco - beautiful things to look at. Maybe get henna? My DD loved it. Just be aware that if you do, it needs to be sort of left undisturbed for a few hours to really set. Jasmine meets inside.

France - Saveur amusant…pretty entertaining. Belle and Aurora meets.

UK - quick swing through the shops. Alice & Mary Poppins meets.

I love something about all these pavilions. Some will say they aren’t authentic, others will say parts are… They are all presented with respect and affection for the real places.

Now, lets talk food breaks. Just going with quick service and/or snacks?


The train display in Germany was enjoyable for my kinds to look at (aged 6 & newly 4), and they got a treat at Karamel Kuche too. Snow White meets near a cute wishing well there. I agree that it’s hard to anticipate what young kids will or won’t be interested in, so winging it and being relaxed does really help, even though I personally like to cram things in! Definitely do the boat ride in Mexico and ride FEA and meet Anna & Elsa in Norway - it’s a beautiful location! Just be aware that FEA has a little dip and goes backwards just a bit, which my two kids loved, but my niece 6, nephew 4.5, and nephew 2 were a bit freaked out by - however my sister said she wouldn’t have skipped it even knowing that!