Genie+ return times question

I’ve seen different answers to this, so just wanted to confirm…

If you hold a Genie+ reservation for a ride, and want to book another… I know you can either wait 2 hours or when you’ve ridden your current reservation, whichever comes first. However, do you actually have to have gone on the ride, or can you make a reservation as soon as the return window begins, even if you haven’t yet gone on the ride?

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You can make a new one when you tap in to your most recent LL, or at the end of the return window (unless the 2-hour window ends first). You can also cancel your existing LL and book a new one, if it is your most recently booked one.

Note that you could get a new LL at the end of your return window, then still tap into the existing one during the grace period.

Thanks, Jeff. Was hoping it was simply at the beginning of the return window like in the old days.

I’d say that’s my biggest gripe with genie, other than cost, but the worse thing for me is how you can only choose each ride once. I really hope they nix that policy in the future.

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FWIW, I was able to almost constantly make new LL reservations on my recent trips. The return window / 2-hour rule rarely came up until the afternoon. And there are enough rides with hopping that it was rarely restrictive to not be able to repeat.