Genie+ refund update

Just a heads up and I’m sure I’m not the only one but I was offered a full refund of my genie+ on my Epcot day since I was unable to use it for any rides. It did take 3 months to process and I just got a gift card but I’ll still count it as a win.


What happened where you weren’t able to ride any rides?

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Test track was down, we did soaring standby, Remy was virtual queue and we rope dropped frozen. So we didn’t use G+ for anything.

Not being contrary, just looking to see what the Disney threshold is for granting a refund.

Couldn’t you have used it for:
Pixar Short

I wholly recognize that those attractions will not save you much/any time. But they are options. So it’s interesting that they refunded using those 4 rides as a basis.

Was there anything more we should know? Again I’m just trying to ascertain what the threshold might be for someone to request a refund - and be granted it.

Thanks! I’m glad you got your money back. The product is trash.


This was in the first couple weeks of G+ so that may have weighed into it also.

We could have done other rides at that point, but we also bailed Epcot after lunch since world showcase was so packed.

The CM email pointed back to the test track issues as the specific reason for the gift card refund. They didn’t say it was because we got no passes.


Excellent information.

Also a terrible bar for them to set that by — TT has a lot of trouble for lots of reasons!