Genie+ purchase

I apologize in advance if asked before, but if I’ve already purchased park tickets awhile ago and want to add Genie+ I would have to wait until midnight of the day to purchase/add the Genie+ correct? There is no way to purchase it now? (going in June)— Thank you guys so much!!!

You can add it to all of your days in advance. You may need to call to do this.

If you only want it for some of your days, you do that day by day

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No need to call to add Genie Plus.

-open up your My Disney Experience Mobile app, tap on the three horizontal lines located on the bottom right corner, and then select Tickets and Passes. Next, you will want to find your theme park ticket and then choose the “Change Ticket” link to add the Disney Genie+ service.

If you’d add day by day I’ve seen reports on TP’s WDW Chat tool that sometimes it’s glitchy of course.

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