Genie+ Pros.......question on functionality

To all you Genie+ pros, I have a question on functionality…Probably easiest to explain in a hypothetical i was trying to do today…Here is the scenario:

Want to go to MK but not until 4pm and stay all night

Magic Kingdom day, 8am park opening

7am - Buy ILL for SDMT with 5pm return
7am - Book Genie+ for Peter Pan with 4pm return time
10am - Book Thunder Mtn with 11am return time
12pm - Book Space Mtn for 5pm return time
2pm - Book Splash Mtn for 8pm return time

My problem is, the latest return time when i went to book at 10am was 11 am for Thunder but we wont be in the park until 4pm…

Now at 3pm, Thunder now has 7pm return time.

So here’s the question(s):

  1. Can I cancel my 11am Thunder and book the 7pm Thunder?
  2. Just because I have 5 rides booked will it still allow me?
  3. Will I still be able to book another Genie+ selection at 4pm (on the 120 min rule)?

Thanks for all your help

You are only eligible to book another selection based on your most recent LL booked, either when you use it or it’s been two hours since you booked it. Therefore cancelling your 10am selection will not allow you to book another, even though you’re only trying to update the time.

You can only cancel and rebook your most recently made LL, and the 2 hour clock starts again from the time you rebooked. It doesn’t matter how many you have stacked, you can still book another but only if you are eligible.

So i cannot cancel and book a new Thunder mountain at 3pm in my scenario? I can only cancel and rebook the Splash Mountain one?

Well that stinks…So you are saying the cancel and rebook “resets” the 120 minute window? So in that scenario, I would be better off just booking some crappy ride at 11am, not using it and hope to book Thunder at 4pm correct?

You can cancel it (I would because you can’t use it andv you only get one per ride) and then book it at 4 when you’re next eligible to book for the time that you’ll actually be able to use it

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Better off just booking a low demand ride and not using it so the 4pm window stays open right?

There’s no point booking anything you’re not going to be there to ride. Just keep looking until there’s something you want that’s after 4. Once you’ve booked that, your next window will be 2 hours later or when you ride what you just booked, whichever comes first.

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Maybe… But then you have a two hour window you’re waiting to book a ride you actually want while times potentially get later and you’re holding a LL you don’t actually want. Personally I’d just wait a little bit until something moves into a time frame you want it. Then your schedule for booking gets shifted a little (say at 10:45 you book your second, or even 11:15) but in the long run that makes more sense to me than a throw away LL booking.


Genie+ is so inefficient…Not being able to pick return times stinks…Having the 120 minute rule reset if you “replace” an earlier selection also stinks

They should at least break it into 2 time slots when you go to book (for people who go to the parks later)…What if you got ‘next available’ but got to pick from am time slot or pm time slot? So for eg, when i go to book at 7am, i was offered am or pm…Am would be 8am until 2pm and pm would be 2pm until close…

So in my scenario, at 10am i go to the PM slot and Thunder has next available for those who began booking at 2pm

Won’t go into details why here, but there are legitimate reasons Disney has the rules in place they do. It won’t please everyone, but it is working much better now than it was early on.

Fundamentally, G+ is trying to create a type of virtual queue, NOT a reservation system.

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Did you mean 7DMT?

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ah yes i did

Question for the greater group…I thought I had read somewhere that LLs were not time bound the way that old Fast Passes were. Yes, they give you a window that you should use them, but that the return time isn’t as strict. Am I confusing that with something else or is that correct?

The tap point has been turning green for quite a while after the window closes - I want to say about 90 mins but I could be totally wrong. Considerably longer than the 15 min grace period for FPP anyway.


We did have an LL that we couldn’t use because Pooh was down in September. It never flipped to anytime, and when we went back later, it still turned green. So there may be something to this theory.

I have had it turn blue when I was well passed the return time. (We forgot about an SDD LL …this was over a year ago though)

At one point it was up to 120 minutes I think. I believe @PrincipalTinker has been keeping track of what people are reporting.


In practice yes it seems. Could you be turned away after the 15 minute grace period, you betcha. I wouldn’t chance it personally but if I missed a scheduled window for x,y,z reasons, I would definitely try.

Yes, 119 minutes has been safe.


But this isn’t the official rule. I would be nervous to make plans around this. My luck it would change that very moring of my park day :joy::grimacing: