Genie + - is this a correct explanation?

Can someone tell me if this is correct?

You do not have to wait 120 minutes all day. If you book at 7:00 am and get 6:30 pm you wait for 120 minutes after park opening and you can add a new LL lets say your 2nd ride is for 12:20 you tap in you can get another one right then. If your 3rd is for 1:00 you can get another right after you tap in. If you book your 4th at 1:05 for 8:00 pm then you can get another one at 3:05, which is 120 minutes past your last selection. At this point, you would have your initial pass for 6:30, another for 8:00, and for whatever time you get at 3:05. I hope this helps.


That is correct.


Thank you very much

You’re welcome. Happy new year and welcome to the forum!


This question is terrifying me. We used to go to Dis every few years and I was the crazy person scheduling the ADRs and FPP 60 days out, etc. Then I had the Star Wars trip all worked out and got COVID cancelled. Today I booked the Swan for May on Expedia. Can someone just tell me what timeline I should follow now? Link SWAN to MDE, then choose ADRs 60 days out and Genie Plus? Do I buy tickets and reserve parks now?

Yes reserve parks now or as early as possible.

I can relate to this, but possibly for slightly different reasons.

Just reading that Genie+ explanation gives me a headache (no offense to @teriadcox). I’m heading to WDW this spring, and the thought of spending so much of my vacation frantically hunting down the next LL reservation, and deploying mental energy tracking the ones we have, is so off-putting that I’m strongly leaning against buying Genie+, even though I was an avid user of the paper FastPass system back in the day. (I missed the whole FPP era.)

Instead, my line-avoidance strategy will be a combination of Early Entry rope drop, Individual Lightning Lane for two rides, and especially Extended Evenings for deluxe guests—we’re staying at the Dolphin, and the Swan gets that perk too, @Villainluv, so take advantage if you can!

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It wasn’t too bad. genie tracks your next LLS return time in My day. At the least the next one or two depending on how far away they are. So at 7am I just booked that first and then the ILLs and then I could see all of that in Genie in My Day. I wish I could go back and screen shot it for you. If you delete all Genies suggestions even if you have one far down you’ll be able to see them all. I think I did screen shot when I got my first set in the morning. Let’s see.

On this one I deleted all of Genies suggestions and you could see all the way to my 7pm ILL in one screen shot

If I knew it was going to be 2 hours till id be booking my next LL I’d set a timer on my phone. If I knew it was when Id tap in for my next ride I’d just do it then (sometimes you have to tap in twice for some rides before it’ll let you book again).

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