Genie+ how to make reservations? Today

Well, this is where practice would’ve come in handy, but here we are.

I bought g+ and can’t figure out how to make a reservation. Wth. SDD isn’t even showing up on my Genie day, it’s only giving me certain things to make reservations for. Is this normal? Am I in the wrong spot?

Oh damn. Think I found it. In the tip board?

I don’t suppose there’s a way to cancel my reservation and try again :laughing: I panicked. This is hard. How did I click 5:30 and end up with a 12:20 reservation? I’ll be driving. Lol. Send help so I know wtf to do at 11:00

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OK, so this isn’t anything like trying to get a boarding group. The goal is not to be as quick as possible. You actually have to focus, pay attention, and not panic.

I’m not sure G+ is for me :laughing:


I don’t think it’s for anyone. No experience yet but I hope you figured it out.


My tip is to pick the ride that you want to get next and make that your only favorite so it shows at the top of your Tips board. It takes some finagling, but once you get into the groove of making sure you have the right park showing, and that the listing is alphabetical, it becomes a little easier to manage.


Yes, you can cancel the G+ reservation. You cannot cancel the ILLs though.


Thank you! Wow. Had no idea.

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Great idea!

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None of us are, dahling. None of us are.


It troubles me that I see threads like this, have an idea about how it works or how to fix things.
And then I realize I don’t really know.
Not enough for someone to rely on my advice…

But in a couple of months that will be my family relying on my advice with nobody else to step in and save this super-expensive, likely once-in-a-lifetime / definitely once-in-DD6s’-childhood trip


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