Genie+ Hacks

Again though, in the example you quoted, they tapped into LL2 and still had to wait until 1pm before they could book another.

Is it possible to double check what they posted? Because unless I’m misunderstanding it, both your interpretations actually conflict with this:

It seems to me that the way to look at this is you only have one ‘live’ G+ thread at a time. I think this is right…:

So if you book LL1 at 7am for 12pm, then at 11am you book LL2 for 4pm, then LL2 is the ‘live’ G+. LL1 is dead and irrelevant. You can’t book LL3 at 12pm when you tap into LL1.

You can then book LL3 at either 1pm (2hrs after you booked LL2), or when you tap at 4pm. Not both.

That’s probably ‘working as intended’ but it does mean G+ is less valuable. We tend to only do half-days in the parks to take it easy, so G+ becomes a real luxury. (Though we bought for our 14 day trip in August in advance where they (in the UK at least) give you a discount - so it was something like 14days of G+ for the price of 9.)


My JC example had an 11:30 JC booked, and the next LL booked at 11. They could not book a 3rd when they used their JC.

I think their next window was 2 hours because it was Thanksgiving and the LL they booked at 11 was after 1.

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OR you tap into your last G+ LL.

If you book your first LL at 7 for 10, then when you tap in at 10, you can book another. If that one is for 10:30, then when you tap in at 10:30, you can book another, etc.

When things get confusing is if you have more than one booked…because then you have to figure out which rule applies. If you pretty much book in order, it doesn’t matter. Once you start stacking, it isn’t as clear, and the 2 hr rule might apply when intuitively the tap in rule seems like it should.

Don’t worry though…your PhD should be enough to figure it all out.


Using the Back button on Android phones and clicking the LL will refresh the return time.

(I don’t have an Apple phone)


That really needs to be a slogan on some of the new TP merchandise!



I think I need to read things again slowly. With a pen and paper to hand.

Luckily I have plenty of time, by which time it will have all changed again.


This is a good tip I think if you’re trying to grab an LL for a specific attraction. I imagine it’s the same on iOS based on videos I’ve seen. (I have an Android phone as well).

cc @Jeff_AZ


I assume everyone knows that Disney has closed the loophole that allowed the most popular hacks to work.

The one hack I was hoping would work was using the “Add A Guest” link on the tip board.

The idea of the hack is for each individual to get their own LL return time, and then cancel the less desirable reservations and then add those people to the best reservation using the “Add a Guest” to put everyone on the preferred reservation.

There are two problems with this Hack:

1- Unless each person has their own MDE account, it is hard to tell Genie you want a different return time. “Add A Guest” logic is implemented when trying to make a LL reservation for person 2.

2- “Add A Guest” does not give the added guest the same return time.


If the “Add A Guest” hack worked, I had an idea of a different hack. At 7am book different attractions, and the next round of LL reservation “Add a Guest.”

Here was my test:
7am - 12:05 BTM (me) ; 3pm ToT (son)
11am - 7:10 MFSR (me) ; Add son to BTM
1pm - Add myself to ToT; 4pm ST (son)
3pm -Add myself to ToT; Add son to MFSR


  • When ready to add a guest, if the attraction no longer have LL reservations there is no link
  • Added guest gets a different return time

It’s probably good to remember that most people are using it as expected which is to book your 7am and then pick a new ride everytime you tap that single LL. If you expect to go in and exceed this you may be disappointed.

I saw somewhere of a report where someone got two LL’s at the same time when they used two different phones. Has anyone tried this?

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