Genie granted me a big wish…….or not

On the app it shows my whole family has G+ purchased for our entire December trip.

On the browser it shows that we don’t.

I have not purchased G+ for the trip. Even checked the credit card to be sure I didn’t have a midnight spending spree after a little adult cider.

I was on the app checking to see if I would even be able to buy G+ for the whole trip because our tickets are from UT. (Saw some posts about having to add one day at a time for tickets not bought from Disney.) Low and behold, the app says “selected tickets have already been upgraded to include Disney Genie + service”.

WTH, Genie???


I have email and MDE confirmation of a park reservation but Genie says I do not have one. I’m worried about tapping through :flushed: :grimacing:

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If I could do as crappy a job as Disney IT without getting fired…….Well, never mind. Bad plan. People die. But still!


sounds about right… :rofl:

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You didn’t happen to buy G+ tickets through UT, did you? When I was buying my tickets from them a few days ago, I almost accidentally bought Base tickets with G+ rather than Park Hoppers without G+ due to the order they were listed.

Assuming that isn’t the case, it does seem odd and possibly a glitch that Disney will eventually resolve…unless that is their 50th anniversary gift to you!

ETA: I should note that if I try to change my ticket in the app, I get an error…but I am allowed to from the website. So it is likely a glitch in the app itself.

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Bought the tickets a few months ago so no G+ available at that time and roll out date hadn’t been announced. But I’ll go back and double check my order to be sure.

Love Disney IT.

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Apparently they use a ton of IT interns. Soooo, a bunch of kids that can’t be fired. Doesn’t it all make sense now?

Ah! It does make sense. My internship had, um, stricter standards.

The big question is what do I do now? The app thinks I have G+. Do I hold my breath and see if I can access G+ LL on Day 1 at 7am?

I wouldn’t chance it personally.

I’d call IT now and figure out what’s what.



I may actually wait and see what happens now that I think about it.

Arrival day is EPCOT. That gives me some cushion. Our only must dos that day are Remy and TT. If I don’t get a BG I’ll pay for it.

If I can’t use G+ and it won’t let me buy G+ then I’ll stand in line at GS while I send DH to buy me beverages in exchange for my time.

Wasn’t sure it would be worth G+ that day anyway but was thinking about getting it so I could fiddle before MK the next day.


Maybe print a screenshot of where it says you have it. Assuming you don’t have it, maybe they’ll add it to your tickets and charge you for one day less? It can’t hurt.

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Absolutely took a screenshot as soon as I saw it!!

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Hi, I’m having this same issue now, curious, what happened when you got to the park? Did you have genie+?

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