Genie+ glitch for group larger than 10

Hi TPers,
I see that all the info for Genie+ drops was moved to this top-secret Cava area, so I hope I’m posting my question in the correct place.
We leave for WDW in two days. It’s our first trip. I’m exhausted and grumpy from the months of research to figure out everything. Something I saw yesterday is freaking me out. I watched this AllEars video on YouTube. At 43:42, Molly cryptically states that Genie+ “will allow you to add up to 12 people; however, there have been some issues when adding above 10.” Molly does not elaborate on what those issues are.
My family group is 11 people. I have all 11 loaded in MDE with park tickets and reservations. Now I’m worried that booking Genie+ rides will drop one of us each time. It would suck to have to visit a blue umbrella CM at each booking. Does anyone have experience with a group of 11 or 12? What are the glitches?
Many thanks for any feedback.

I’m there with you.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience to share. We’re going with a group of 12. Luckily, we’ve all been several times and we’ll go with the flow. However, I’m still worried how to work G+ with a large group.

Following along for tips.