Genie+ for Tower of Terror (tomorrow)?

Our first day at HS is tomorrow, and we have Genie+. My plan was to get G+ for Slinky first at 7-something, RD MFSR and then get G+ for MMRR. However, DS’ gf is here with us, and when I asked what they wanted to do tomorrow at HS, she said ToT is her favorite ride. Do I get ToT second and hope that MMRR still has availability later? How fast does ToT typically run out? Does ToT have any reliable drops except for 9:32? I doubt we will be able to book one at that point. We are staying offsite if it makes a difference, but we will be there before park opening. We do have 2 days at HS, and I know we will have to wait for something in a long line, probably more than once.

Since ToT has reliability issues I think it would be more valuable than MMRR. In fact the wait for MMRR is quite reasonable in the evening even without a LL.


If you are staying offsite I am sad to say you can’t select a genie plus until 9. And SDD will be long gone. Over in chat there is a spreadsheet floating around with drops so there may be a SDD sometime.

That only applies to ILL. Everyone gets to book their first G+ LL at 7:00.


Did they just change it recently? It was only onsite resorts for genie + At 0700 when we were there just in January

Wow. I just looked up the rules and it says 0700 for genie plus. I apologize about the mis information. I guess they changed it?

Edit: Spreadsheet with the drop times

Blog on genie plus priorities

No worries, it’s always been that way. I feel bad that you were unaware for your recent trip.

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No hard feelings we were on site so maybe that’s why I didn’t pay much attention. Maybe I just forgot! Haha

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Ah, I see! Well that’s good to hear. :blush:

You will probably be ok either way, but i would watch and see how the return times are going tomorrow and make your decision based on that. Definitely stick with SDD first and then watch the times for TOT and MMRR while you are in line for MFSR.

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Sorry for the late night advice. I think you are good getting SDD, rope dropping MFSR and then G+ for MMRR. MMRR won’t last to 12:30.

ToT drops are fairly reliable at 9:32 12:02 and 2:32. Always worth checking at every 02 and 32 as there are often tiny drops at the top and middle of each hour.

You could also ride TOT after RDing MFSR.

Have fun!

Thank you all! It does sort of surprise me that we are eligible for 7 a.m. since we’re offsite, but I’m definitely not complaining! I’m sitting in the condo with my coffee, my Mickey waffle (our condo owner is awesome!), my laptop open with the directions, my phone and DS19’s laptop open to the atomic clock. Here we go!

Success! I have SDD st 12:35. It was 11:35 but my app got stuck and had to reload. I’m happy!


Ooh, great time! Have a great day!