Genie + for shows?

From experience and research here, I know the priority Genie + selections and have a general idea of what runs out first. But I was wondering whether there was any advantage to booking LL for shows with immediate (15-20 minutes) future availability. Does this guarantee you get in? Do you still need to arrive early for shows?

I was imagining a hypothetical scenario where at 1 pm, I get a LL for Frozen show at 130, tap in at 115, and then make another selection. Technically this would work but I wondered whether there was any advantage.

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It’s more edge cases but here’s a few reasons:

  • Better choice of seats
  • There’s nothing else to book
  • Need a place to shelter from a rainstorm

The one big pain about having a LL for a show is that you do not dare show up too close to the showtime, or else they make you go to the back of the standby line (and you may not get in). That’s why the end of the LL window is about 15 min before showtime. LL is not for sneaking in at the last minute. We know from experience, unfortunately.

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Good to know! Sorry you had to find out the hard way.

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