Genie + Disneyland DAS info too


David on Fresh Baked, says he’s heard from CMs that you can only get a LL once per attraction. So if you want to ride Space twice, 1 ride could be via LL but the second time would have to be via standby. I hope this isn’t true. It would really diminish the value.

It’s a guide situation. Disney could change those parameters they said. I guess it will depend on how they want to manipulate experiences. They don’t want headliners to be “sold out,” which makes sense.

Anyone know when this will start? I will be there November 8.

A release date for DLR hasn’t been announced yet.

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:disappointed_relieved: I will not stress. I will not stress. I’m going to Disney.


I am right there with you, we are going mid November and need more info!!! Can’t they just release a date already so we can figure out what we are in for?