Genie app and lines app with a group

Final stages of trip planning for trip Dec 23-31 with family. Family - husband, daughter and son n law with grandchildren 4 1/2 and 7 girls. My husband and I are going a bit earlier, Dec 18 so I can adjust from the drive. Driving is very hard for me (this goes for almost all people) but I have many medical/physical issues and want to be at my best with the family. We have tickets and park reservations for 7 days which will allow to have breaks and hopefully make it relaxing.

I have done all the planning, reading, hotel, advanced dining and entertainment reservations…
I got very lucky because I got BBB for both and all the restaurants I wanted. I have set up all the park day visits in lines, know if and when we will use genie+ and ILL and have set those rides up in genie so they will show at the top of my page for that day. I also have DAS for me and have my advanced reservations for each park.

This trip will be slow paced and geared towards the little ones. We are staying together in a villa and will tour and stay together in the parks

I am planning on the 6 of us each using the same sign in for both the genie app and lines app. We won’t split up in the park except someone may rest while the rest go on a ride. I plan on getting everyone else to set up their apps on their phones and link their magicbands…this weekend. I am going to get my daughter and son n law to be in charge of any mobile orders for food, snacks.

Is there a reason why we should have individual apps instead of using the same one. Opinions greatly appreciated.

Also any advice or suggestions tips on the trip would also be appreciated.

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It won’t be long now! I don’t have any suggestions, but I do hope that you have a fabulous trip.

Thank you so much!

You sound like you have a really solid plan, with realistic expectations of what you can achieve at a busy time of the year. I am sure you will have a fab time.