Genie+ and pictures question and a Chase Visa Rewards question

If I got Genie+, I believe that gets special “frames,” correct? But do you need Memory Maker to make them work?

Also - if I am applying Chase Visa Rewards points to my vacation, when and how do I apply them? I’ve always just gotten them on gift cards to pay for dining.

Thank you.

No, you do not.

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Thank you, @ryan1 - so they are lenses for your own phone and do not use the PhotoPass photographers at all?

Correct. Basically, it is a built-in feature of MDE, and it uses your phone’s camera.

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I thought you had to get the gift/redemption card and give it to the hotel.

However, I did find this article saying that putting the Disney Visa “on file” at the front desk would work.

I confess, I’ve been waiting to find out exactly how to do this too. I’d prefer to use it all at once to pay for the hotel / package as opposed to trying to “use it up” around the parks and possibly not using every penny or even losing it. (There’s almost $2K waiting to be used! I’d hate to drop it somewhere… :crazy_face:)’ll%20need%20to%20put,on%20your%20Resort%20folio%20charge.

I know that wasn’t a great answer, but I’m hoping this will get the conversation rolling!

I’ll call and find out for all of us.

I just found this…seems like you need the card

Are these the same thing? Or is there a DIFFERENT Chase Visa rewards?

ok - hmmmm - I have a redemption card… I can probably have my funds transferred to the card and then just apply it!

I think so @ryan1 . I may not be using the right words.


I’m talking about the Chase Disney Visa Rewards card… I just called it Disney Visa as a shorthand.

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In that case, yes…you transfer your reward dollars to your redemption card and use that to pay.

There are some exceptions, though. You can use your rewards for paying for flights, for example, but you don’t use the redemption card for that. There is a different process. (I haven’t done it, but just something to be mindful of…once you transfer the points to your redemption card, you can’t use them for flights.)

Yeah…I knew YOU were, I just wasn’t entirely sure @QwertySC was! :slight_smile:


Along these lines, you can use the redemption card to pay for all your food purchases pretty much exactly like a Disney Gift Card. For mobile ordering, you have to enter the redemption card information EACH TIME you place an order (which is annoying that you can’t just store it), so I recommend making a text document or note easily accessible on your phone to copy/paste the redemption code into MDE. Simplifies the process greatly.

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This is how we’ve always used ours. We’ve never stayed on property before and with 8-10 of us eating, we always used our monies.

It looks like on the where to redeem page that the points are good for shopping, dining and park tickets. And that you need to transfer them to the redemption card first. You can use the redemption card to purchase tickets online. I don’t see anywhere that you can use them to pay for the room though.

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Title was long enough.

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in the checkout portion of the hotel reservation, there was a choice for a redemption card. I hadn’t started that process before asking this question, though. It was only after I was sure it was completely refundable that I was willing to start clicking check-out.

It’s a “package” of hotel and tickets. With two tickets costing way more than a value hotel!

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Being able to use it on the hotel package is great. I may be concerned about cancellation though. They say it’s fully refundable, but I would be leery about using the redemption card as partial payment, because Disney IT and general inconsistencies. We’ve only used it on shopping while at the parks.

Not sure if this helps, but I have the Disney Visa Card. After I received my most recent statement before our trip, I called Chase to get my rewards transferred to my redemption card. A few days before we arrived, I called Guest Services and asked them to apply my redemption card rewards as a payment on our resort bill (I think you can only do this over the phone with a room-only reservation.) They applied the payment and sent me an email with my revised balance. This way, I did not have to take the redemption card with me, or worry about using it for food, etc.


I don’t disagree with your statement about Disney lack-luster IT, but I really have no other options. While this is the first time I am staying on property, it is also only even happening because of these reward dollars and a little bit of cash. I’ll cross the cancelling bridge if/when I get to it… (Hopefully never.)

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I have an amazing story about this…

in 2018 we got to DLR. I had over $1800 on a new redemption card we planned to use for dining.
Our first day there and our first lunch meal and I can’t find the card. I am just totally devastated, heart-pounding, heart-broken. What have I done?! We’d driven from NY to SoCal and now I don’t have our food money? Thankfully, DH had an older redemption card on him that had a few hundred on it to pay for that meal, and I called the number on the back of my credit card. I was all but crying. The person on the other end saved our vacation. They transferred the money from the new card (on my dresser back home) to the card we had on us (thank God we had two cards!). That person saved our trip!