Genie+ and LL Reservation

My apologies if I’m not using the right words, but I haven’t seen anything about how the Genie+ ride reservations will work with the separately paid for Lightning Lane reservations.
Are they separated out so that if your lightning lane reservation is later in the day, you can still make genie+ ride reservations until that LL reservation? Or does the LL reservation count as your one and you won’t be able to make any other ride reservation until you have checked in with your LL reservation?

I don’t know if this makes sense to anyone else. :smile:

It’s my understanding that the individual Lightning Lane purchases are separate from Genie+ reservations (won’t have any impact on the wait time to get the next Genie+ selection). I think TP covered this in a recent FAQ, let me check.


The extra fee LL attractions are not available on the Genie + system, but they will have a standby queue. So the last unknown factor is, how many can/will they sell, and what effect will that number have on the standby wait times.

Correct. This will the be former FastPass queue. (All the LL queues are just the old FPP queues)

My biggest concern / fear about all of this is they are going to oversell. That the paid system will work like FastPass with 80% of all riders coming from that queue and only 20% from free standby guests. Disney has already said they will never “sell out” of these. At the same time there’s only so many hours in the day, so at some point there will have to be a cutoff time for some LL experiences if they are busy. (just like how BG / Virtual queues work)

Also correct! You don’t have to buy G+ to use LL. They are wholly separate from each other.

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I think OP is asking about the wait time between Genie+ selections. You can’t pull your next Genie+ until either you’ve tapped into the ride or 120 mins has passed. I don’t think the individual LL purchases have any impact on that timing. ie you can hold both a Genie+ for BTMRR at 10am and a LL$ for SDMT at 2:00pm.

But I can’t find where I saw that exact question asked. My impression was Genie+ rules only apply to Genie+ rides.


That is correct. You can do both and they have no effect on each other.


This is great. Thank you all.

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