Genie + and IIL Logistics at 7am for HS

Ok I have my plan for HS - I NEED to do SDD and Rise of the Resistance. The rest I’ll figure out through out the day. My questions is…

At 7am do I buy Rise first or try to get SDD first? (then I’ll do the other right after)

You guys are awesome, I can’t wait to see what you guys say.

Thanks! Jen

I would do RotR first thing. SDD will run out but you can probably get an afternoon/evening afte rou get your RotR where you can pick your time. SDD won’t run out nearly as fast as RotR.

I would buy ROTR first. Don’t panic if SDD isn’t available then. Keep refreshing. Times typically open back up between 7:07 and 7:17.

Is there anyone who can be with you and log in at the same time to get the opposite one you are trying for? Or do you have a second device you can log in at the same time?

If you need help booking both, I can help you out. I’ve been dying to try genie+! PM if you need help, I have a stable home connection!

Ok, I will be in exact same dilemma (as will may others). We have a total of 9 people, will that decrease our chances of getting either? Is 2 families so should we split up for 7am selections?

You risk getting wildly different times…
You should be fine staying together

If you miss things at 7 or end up getting a much later return time than you want, it’s easier to get LL between 7:07 and 7:12 (just keep refreshing) and ILL between 7:17 and 7:22). It’s random exactly what minute it drops, so use a site like on another device and start refreshing a few seconds before either 7:07 or 7:17, and keep refreshing until you see a time you want. Use “edit selections” to pin SDD or RotR to the top of the tip board.