Genie+ and grpup of 11 5-73

Mid June a family of 11 visited DW. Two of the three team leaders were very skeptical about Genie+. But one lobbied hard for it. So we agreed to give it a one day try.

It worked out so well that we bought it every day from then on. I would encourage every Disney visitor to get it. But there is a big but. We use a combination of rope drop, ILL and Genie+ with the original master plan that three of us worked out over many hours of preplanning. Then, every day one worked the ILL strategy and another Genie+. It took all that to maximize our visit.

I do not know how one could navigate through Disney without that level of project management.

Random comments.
Kali River was neither exciting nor soaking. After Touring Plan’s big build up everyone said
Use Lyft despite the cost.
We ordered lunch at about 1130-12 for a 1230 pick up. We consistently were ahead of the crowd.
CBR is huge. the Skyliner is a big advantage IF you are in Aruba


This varies greatly on a per ride basis. One time my then then-gf ended up drenched.

Yup! It’s different every time, and there’s no way to predict it. I have come off mostly dry while others on my party were soaked.