Genie+ advice in 2022 Unofficial Guide

Is the advise on page 468 of the 2022 edition of the Unofficial Guide concerning the use of Genie+ still the best way to use Genie+ with a Touring Plan?

What does it say on that page? Many of us here don’t yet have that copy and so we can’t really answer the question without more information.

Basically it says as you progress thru your TP look for LL’s on the next three activities in your plan and pick the shortest time. That advice conflicts with other things I read that gave a list of LL’s and to pick in order of the list. It also said if you use Lines, the app will suggest which LL’s and ILL’s to use. I didn’t think Lines was capable of doing that yet.

That should be coming, IIRC, in the next 2 weeks or so, right at the start of 2022

I’ll let others respond to the other part.


When you say “App” are you referring to the My Disney Experience app?

I didn’t say “App” so I’m not sure how to answer.

Oh wait.

You said app

I meant the Lines app is supposed to incorporate suggestions in a few weeks


I’m guessing some of this general advice was written before there was enough data on LL availability to have better recommendations. But yeah, “shortest time” is not good advice. Because if you choose an LL with the nearest time, you’re choosing the most unpopular attraction of those 3. And while you probably can’t get an LL for all "tier 1’s in a day with good advice, that advice will have you getting none.

That list you are talking about is the order that LL’s run out I’m assuming. Yes, it’s always best to take recent advice from the blogs and such more importantly, just because so much has happened/changed in the past couple months as G+ is still a rookie. I think it was a challenge for TP this year because the timing of Genie launch and normal writing time of the book.

@OBNurseNH is right. The G+ suggestions capability has not started yet. But, it had to be in the book because it will be in effect for the majority of trips in 2022.


My advice is pray they improve it. I went on at 6:59am and the earliest I could get a LL was like 11-12:00 and there was no options for anything. You just get a random presented slot and that’s it.

There’s no way to plan and even if you are one of the first in the system they don’t give you options or anything.

Genie+ was a nightmare and a horrible experience… and they make you pay extra for it.


I think the reason the MaxPass system worked in DLR is because in half the space there is like twice the rides. So there is lots of availability. WDW just doesn’t have the availability for selling a large number of Genie+. I have loved MaxPass and was excited about WDW switching to a similar system but it sounds like it does not work there. I am pretty nervous about our Jan trip. I’m just gonna create a TP as if I don’t have it and then if I am lucky enough to get them in the order @Jeff_AZ put them in his forum post I’ll modify around that.


I see myself optimizing often. Particularly after every time I add a G+. We have park hoppers, and my thought is that we’d mostly try to end the day doing Get Now Ride Now and then standby on the biggest ILL$$$ at the very end.

Does anyone know the official G+ drop times? The G+ WDW post is so long at this point I couldn’t find them all quickly and Im impatient. I think it’s like 9:32, 11:32, is it a pattern like that so then 1:32?


Yeah the leading post stays updated and is accurate.


Was it in there and I missed it…let me go check again

Perfect…that’s a diff post than the one I was looking at…Thanks! Very much!

You’re welcome!

Are those being updated or was that the times at the initial post (in the initial posted part, not reading the comments)

The initial post had been getting updated regularly. It does have 11 edits. @mikejs78 did note he updated 19 days ago.

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TY, forgot to look at the edit info :woman_facepalming:

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I try to update as much as I can, although I haven’t been paying attention as much the past couple of weeks due to holiday busy-ness. Will be looking to update again next week.


I appriciate all the work you’ve put in to this list!