Genie+ 120 minutes vs after tapping in…?

On Facebook groups I’ve heard conflicting info… and bc I trust the knowledge more here, I’d love to clarify :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Main question… is the following hypothetical scenario possible??

7am book LL for Jungle Cruise 4:30pm window
11am book LL for Pirates 12:00pm window
12:00 tap into Pirates LL
Immediately after Pirates, am I able to search another LL??
Or is my 4:30pm jungle cruise holding me hostage to the 120minute rule?

The way I understand the rules, the above scenario allows me to snag another LL after Pirates because I already “served” my 120 minutes. But some people on other forums passionately claim you cannot book after tapping into Pirates. What do y’all think?

You can book another after you scan into Pirates. Your last LL booked is the “actionable” LL, nothing else matters. Since Pirates is your last one booked you now have a new action.


Agree w Tink. All about the last action or 120 minutes.

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Agree with the above. The last LL booked is the actionable one. You can either book after you tap into it or 120 minutes after booking, whichever comes first.

Important to note that there are scenarios where you can’t book after tapping in.

Example:. 7 AM book 12 PM JC
11 AM book 11:30 Pirates
Tap into pirates at 11:30, book HM at 1:45.
Tap into JC at noon - you can’t book a new one because the last one booked that has the action is HM.


OK working with that scenario:
if you decided that you didn’t like that JC LL, and you cancelled it at 1145, would you immediately be able to book a new LL?
And does that 1145 selection, become your new last LL?

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I don’t think so, unfortunately. If you cancel a LL that isn’t your last, you lose it. Only if you cancel your last booked does it allow you to book another, I believe. Can anyone else confirm? @Jeff_AZ ?


That is my understanding as well.

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