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I have a few questions regarding the Water Parks. We are WDW veterans, but have never visited the water parks!! I’m taking DS on a trip this summer and am surprising him with the water parks part of the trip (we have 2 day Park Hopper Plus tickets). Here is what I need to know:

  1. I read a few forum topics regarding RD at the water parks that were posted a few years ago. I’m assuming nothing has changed, and if I’m going in June (11th-17th) I will need to get there early. Is that the best way to go? I’d like our evenings to be free to explore other places if possible.
  2. Do resort guests still get complimentary towels while there, and if so, do we just find a chair and leave them there for the day? Are the towels given out one per guest per visit, or are they unlimited (in case someone takes ours thinking it belongs to them)?
  3. Is there an abundance of lockers, or do I need to rush to them first thing to secure one?
  4. I’m assuming that the only way to hop from one WP to another in one day would be to use both Plus Visits…it doesn’t work like the traditional park hopper, correct? So if we were to RD TL and then try and visit BB closer to the end of the day (in hopes of shorter lines), that would use both of our Plus Visits? That isn’t necessarily my plan, but thought I’d ask about this anyway!

Think that’s it for now. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! :slight_smile:

  1. yes, the eariler the better to get your choice of lounge chairs.
  2. no. no comp towels. you can rent them, belive it or not. I have always brought our own from home but that was with knowing I’d use the washer/dryer at the resort. If that isn’t an option for you, it might be preferable to rent towels rather than lug wet ones back with you.
  3. lots of lockers, but again, the earlier you get there, the better.
  4. no hopping. you would use both previleges to access both parks.

Have fun!! the water parks are great.

Perfect!! That helps. I’m really looking forward to visiting them…any time I can get a new Disney experience is a good thing!

We loved loved loved Typhoon Lagoon on our last trip. If you’ve been looking into it, you probably already know this, but be warned that there is no longer bus transportation directly from the hotels to the WPs. You have to go to… is it Disney Springs I think? And transfer.

Thank you! I have heard some people suggest that using Uber to get to and from the water parks is the best option. Not free, but definitely a more direct route!

yes, definitely uber.
last trip we went from Beach Club to Animal Kingdom to transfer to Blizzard Beach. that took forever, like at least 45 minutes. Once we got there, I decided we’d uber back. That took about 6 minutes to get back to BC.

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I believe resort guests get free towels at the water parks now.

mom’s panel - towels at WP

This is from 2016.

All I can say is that it would be unusual for Disney to revert to a complimentary situation after establishing a rental policy.
This was the case in 2017, which was our last visit to Blizzard Beach.

I had thought that towels were complimentary for resort guests, but then I heard a report that someone had encountered a CM who said they were not. So now I’m unsure! Hmmm…
This response from the moms panel (2017) suggests they are indeed free for resort guests. ??

They were free for resort guests last April.

Also this one in September

But then, this one…

So, policy change?