General Touring Plan Advice--Too Much?!?

Now that River of Lights is available I made some changes so we can go an see it. I am traveling with DH, DD4, and DD8. I don’t want to be to crazy and the planning is getting to me but in a good way!!! I did use all 3 of my fast passes, even thought I didn’t list all of them. I also have touring plans, but my concern is not running my kids crazy.

Arrival Day 2/26–Should be at Boardwalk by noon. Plan is to head to Epcot upon arrival. We have a Frozen Fast (4:15) and ADR for Akershush at 5:15. Plan is to have kids in bed by 9:00. We will be up at 5:30am this day and kids are used to waking up at 6:30. Want a fresh start for Monday.

Monday–2/27–We have a pre-rd ADR at BOG for 8:15. Park opens at 9:00, so hoping this will be an advantage for maximizing rides. We are using our Fast Passes on PP, 7Dwarfs and BTMR. We plan on staying in the park until 12:00 and hanging at resort. Later, plan on heading over to HS around 4:30 so we can make a Hollywood and Vine ADR at 4:50 This is the Fantasmic Package. Not sure if we will hit rides, but want to do Fantasmic and possibly fireworks. The goal is to have the kids in bed by 9:30.

Tuesday–2/28–THIS IS WHERE CHANGES WERE MADE! Head to HS for RD so we can hit some rides and sign up for Jedi Training Camp. I do not have Fast Passes b/c I saved them for Epcot. We will hang in HS until about 1:00 and then back to resort for a break. We are doing dinner at Cape May at 5:30 and then off to Epcot for EMH. I have another Fast Pass for Frozen just in case girls love it and want to ride again.

Wednesday–3/1–Sleep in a little. We need to be at Disney Springs for a 10:20 BBB appointment. I am thinking we will leave the resort around 9:00?? We will eat lunch in DS and then head over to MK. We have a 6:30PM ADR for 1900 PF. If girls are good to go I want to head back to MK for fireworks and EMH. I am presently trying to find an earlier ADR b/c I think we may be rushed for fireworks. Worst case scenario is show up to reservation early and pay immediately.

Thursday–3/2–Sleep in and possibly do water park in the morning. I got a Fast Pass for ROL and also a TH dining package for 3:15. Not sure if I want to rush over to AK for dinner. I think we will need some downtime if we are at the park late the night before. Also, curious how crowded AK will be. I also got FPP for Everest and Safari ride.

Friday 3/3–EMH at MK. Plan on arriving at 7:30. We have Tony’s Dining Package for the parade , which isn’t until 3:00. Kids may be too tired, but will see how the week goes.

Saturday 3/4–Last Day. Will see what the kids want to hit one more time and RD a park. I have FPP for Test Track at Epcot and an ADR at 8:00 for GG.

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I think this is a reasonable plan as you have downtime and checking your kids’ tolerance levels built in. Good work!


It looks like a good plan, but there is lots of evening stuff, so I was wondering if your kids will definitely sleep in the afternoon? I had expected my DD5 to nap in the afternoon and she never did, but she fell asleep around 5-7pm most days, regardless of where we were. Having a buggy was great, especially when it came to leaving the park or being out late.

Thanks for the feedback. I am thinking my DD will also end up passing.