General Plan Question (Which park on which day(s))


My FP+ reservation date is coming up soon and I’m still trying to clarify which parks to visit on which day! I am the king of over analyzing things, so I just wanted to make sure my ideas are in the right ballpark.

My SO and I will be headed to Disneyworld for her first time from 10/6-10/11 (I’ve been twice before - in '98 and '07). We have enjoyed Disneyland several times together and were able to go to Disneyland Paris last year. I was charged with completely planning our trip and it has gotten a bit tough with the introduction of Galaxy’s Edge and the various EMHs throughout the parks.

This is my current plan which I made based on my presumed “need” for each park to see/do “everything” that 2 adults would want to do.

|Sun 10/6| Epcot *Day1
|Mon 10/7| Hollywood Studios *Day1
|Tue 10/8| Animal Kingdom
|Wed 10/9| Hollywood Studios *Day2
|Thu 10/10| Magic Kingdom --> Animal Kingdom catch up (or Epcot catch up?)
|Fri 10/11| Epcot *Day2 (or MK catch up?)
NOTE - i understand there is an After Hours for AK if necessary

Does this general plan make sense? I’m digging in tomorrow and making my touring plans and fastpass plans so I’d love to be using my time in the best way possible. I know it’s tough to predict, but y’all know a lot more than I do about the planning!

Thank you so much for your help!

PS - RE: Epcot I’ve heard it recommended to separate the “future land” from the “world pavillion” (I’m sorry if I butchered the real names) – is there a similar 2-day recommendation for Hollywood Studios?

I would look at the night before your FP day to see if you would get your desired FPs with this schedule, and reschedule if necessary.

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Are you aware that Epcot is going through major construction / renovations? Most of FutureWorld is a construction zone. You have about 8 rides in the whole park + the World Showcase. (Some of those rides are “kiddie” rides.)

I don’t think it, currently, merits two days. You can hit all the rides in FW in the morning with no issues. Then when the WS opens at 11am You can eat / drink you way “Around the World” the rest of the day / night.

I’d use that last day to go back to MK. There are plenty of things for adults to do there, if you like “Disney Magic”.


No I had no idea about the construction/transition of Epcot! Very grateful I checked in here!!

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I don’t know how much drinking you plan on doing. If you. like me, get hangovers easily I’d do Epcot as your last day. This way if you overindulge it won’t affect the rest of the trip.

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I would also swap your second EP day for a second day at MK. Also note that if your MK day is a Halloween party day (which I suspect it is on a Thursday on October), the park closes for regular guests at 6:00 pm and there will not be a fireworks show for regular guests. You may want go back to MK one evening to see HEA.

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An additional question - can you make more FP+ reservation days than your ticket is worth?

For example - can a 5-day ticket make 6 days of FP+ reservations since the ticket is valid for that time? Can I make FP+ reservations for days I don’t plan to be in the park as a backup?

No, it won’t let you make more than 5 days of Fastpasses if you only have 5 days of tickets.

I would definitely recommend moving your MK day to a day with fireworks!


Have you seen this page?

HEA is happening on Monday or Wednesday of your trip, with the Halloween party happening all the other nights. I’d consider park hopper tickets – crowds are supposedly lower at MK on party days, so you can stay until 6 and then hop to another park for dinner and fireworks.

Other than that, I’d consider hitting the four parks on your first four days, so you can change your plans for the last two days if you end up enjoying different things than you expected.

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