General First Time Planning Questions

Is this something that they stopped at some point? All of my trips pre-covid, they brought the food out to you. They would give you a little candle holder with a number on it and the food would come out when it was ready.

I never have, for the same reasons @bebe80 listed.

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I love the wallet feature. All my everything is in there and then I buy one of those plastic waterproof around the neck cell phone holders for water parks and use it all day. If you go this route you can ask for a paper scanner card when you enter the locker areas that you can use to open and close your locker without your phone which is really only an issue on Hulk and RRR. You can take your phone on every other ride.

I put my phone facing one side of the plastic case so I can access barcodes for tickets/Express passes and my resort key on the other side for Early Entry and then I can just flash one side of the case or the other depending on what I need it for.

I should have tipped the team member that came up and offered to take a photo of all of us. That was unexpected and so kind.

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What is the HP package?

When I was there in October I did ride RRR so couldn’t keep my cell phone on me. The TM opened the locker for me and then asked me to open my cell phone in order to prove that it was my stuff. Is it just RRR and Hulk that require you to leave everything in the locker?

In addition to tickets and hotel, you get the following perks:



Yes, just those two at present. I’m thinking VelociCoaster will be the same when it opens.


There’s rumors they may have lockers right before loading that are double sided for entry/exit.


That would be very cool!

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Check out the Yukon Striker system sometime. You put your items in a bin, then it travels along a trolly to the exit. Uni could do an interesting spin on something like that