GE Focus to DHS Trip - Realistic Return Times?

Hi All! Thanks for all the guidance on planning here! This website and the wealth of info in the Forum are always my suggestions to friends planning to head to Disney. :slight_smile:

Trying to get a sense of whether my plan for a Crowd Level 8 Thursday in Nov is realistic or not. DH and I are focused just on the Star Wars stuff plus ToT and RNRC & Fantasmic, not the other stuff. But this will be the first time we’ve used Genie+ and ILLs.

Are the guesses I’ve put here for return times I’d try to shoot for realistic to expect (especially on MFSR): Copy of Disney's Hollywood Studios Unofficial Guide Touring Plan?

Did I understand correctly that you’re planning on rope dropping RotR and then heading to stand by on MFSR, riding both twice in the day?

RotR is extremely popular at RD and will likely have a long queue from the get go. If you are not eligible for early entry, it’s likely the queue will be very long at regular park opening time. To actually rope drop it effectively, you’d have to be there about an hour before EE.

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umm - yes. :slight_smile: That was what i was thinking at least. Since we don’t have a lot of other stuff we have priorities to do and DH is a huge SW fan I am figuring he’ll want a go-back probably on each.

We were planning to get there at 7 on an 8:00 EE day. If we run late and that doesn’t work then would likely just skip the first RotR ride i guess and rely on the 1 ride via ILL.

You could do an ILL and then also attempt a standby ride just before park close. I read about a lot of folks having success that way.

Yesterday was a CL9 at HS. So you can use the wait time data to get a good idea of what you will experience.

Scroll down to Hollywood Studios and click on the “Click here to see individual attraction…”

Scroll down to see the graphs. Find the attraction.

Tap on the black dots at a given time to see the posted waits. Actual waits (green dots) are usually less that posted, but not always.


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My mistake. Not sure why I was thinking wait times :sweat_smile:

For LL return times, I’d check/verify with Thrill Data. Go on the individual attraction page. Tap on previous day. Then check the LL return time heat map. Sometimes, looking at the past week average is helpful too.

Thanks! Very helpful. :slight_smile:

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Are you staying onsite / EE eligible? Your plan notes mention an off site accomodation so just checking

If you can enter at EE and are there at 7am, I don’t see any problem heading to RotR first, but just be prepared for a wait plus the whole ride time of roughly 20 mins, after which the queue for MFSR has probably built up quite a bit. Your plan seems to have plenty of leeway though which is good. And rope dropping also makes sense if you want to increase your chance of riding at least once on that day, in case it breaks down later :sweat_smile:

Here is one of many write ups of rope dropping RotR: Should You Rope Drop Rise of the Resistance in Disney World? It's Complicated. | the disney food blog

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, we are spending the prior night somewhere else (and I see i didn’t update the notes at the top yet for leaving there earlier) but we’re spending the evening after we’re at the parks at the Swan which i was figuring gets us the EE for that day if it’s pre-check-in at the hotel?

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ah ok, yea you can use EE on check in day! :partying_face:

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