GE - 2nd week of Sept - where are the crowds?

I guess everyone is waiting until Dec 5th? this week looks crazy

Here at SWGE now. Low crowds. They have only used the boarding queu on opening day. Otherwise, wide open. EEMH are great times. Park close is great as well.

Current times 8pm while everyone is at Fantasmic.

Disney did everything it could to deincentivize people from going; terrible FPP tiers, no pre-advertised special entry procedures that everyone thought would create mob scenes, and announcing the primary ride of the land would open in December. Word is out that MFSR is pretty cool, but maybe not the knockout experience that many thought it would be. Outside of that, what’s to do other than build light sabers or droids for hundreds of dollars or cram into Oga’s cantina to down a couple of over-priced drinks and then leave. They spent a huge amount of money to create an uber-detailed land that knocks the socks off of the uber fans - but leaves the “average” person who enjoyed the movies but can’t name all the moons of Tatooine or tell you the backstory of the third guard from the right in scene 35b of The Last Jedi kind of wanting more. I’m looking forward to eventually seeing it (after the main attraction opens), but I would never make a special trip to see it.


Not exactly. As an uber fan of the ORIGINAL triology, the land tells the story of the DISNEY triology, which is underwhelming for some ORIGINAL fans…Like me.

Great movie props, and the life size Miliniunm Falcon is amazing, roaming Storm Troopers are cool. Otherwise, a miss for me as a Star Wars fan. Great new land, yes very detailed, very cool. Just not the Star Wars I know and grew up caring about.


I think if both rides were open, it would be a different story. But fine by me. I hope they stay this way a little bit longer.

Our trip was 9/1 to 9/9. The crowds were small with the Hurricane impacting the number of people in the parks. EEMH at all the parks was amazing, almost everything was a walk on. GE was interesting, detailed and the MF was impressive. The SR ride was good but we were surprised it wasn’t a better experience. GE is somewhat of a one and done for us at this point. That may change when the new ride opens in December. Crowds were low, still GE was not nearly as crowded as I thought it would be.

I agree with tline35, this is just not the Star Wars I grew up with. Merch is odd, food is good, but there is something missing. I don’t think people will go home raving to the friends ‘they must go’.


THIS. I have yet to be able to really like or even care about any of the characters in the “Disney” trilogy.


One thing to consider when looking at the lines for MFSR is that there is no Fast Pass line. 100% of guests are going through the stand by line, so comparing wait times to other E-ticket attraction is not equal.

According to @len, attractions with FP lines dedicate 50-75% of capacity to FP. MFSR dedicates 0%.
Adding an FP line would double or triple the stand by wait times.

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Although I can intellectually understand why they went the route that they did, I think creating a “new world” that nobody’s ever heard of before and is only part of the Star Wars universe because we are told it is has a lot to do with things. The huge success of the HP lands at UOR lays in the fact that you can literally enter the books/movies that you already know and love; you can walk the street, eat in the restaurants, buy stuff at the shops.

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Well, in the “Disney” trilogy there were some characters I cared about. Their names?

  • Han Solo
  • Princess Leia
  • Luke Skywalker

Okay. I’ll include Chewbacca, although he was never a character I cared about either way.

Unfortunately R2D2 lost his (?) cool in Episode VII because he was relegated to the role of, “Hold out on everyone key information until the plot writer decides it is time for no other reason than the writer can’t figure out why this bit of the map is missing, but needs to keep it a secret from everyone so that Luke Skywalker isn’t found until the END of the script.”

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I looked just now and I don’t think a single attraction is 1hr wait. Everything about 50 minutes or much less!

It just seems very suspect when Jungle Cruise has a wait time almost twice that of MFSR.

Disney goofed up big time on this.

Yes great week to be here.
Sunny. No crowds anywhere (except MNSSHP).
Predicted CL was 2 all week except HS. In HS today, maybe CL 3. Not sure what the specific criteria is.

High humidity though.

We’ll be there week of 10/20…hope this week isn’t the anomaly and everyone is waiting until 12/5 to go crazy

Maybe the last ticket price increase was the last straw (get it, last straw, because they got rid of straws!) and attendance has been permanently reduced.

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Our trip 9/1 to 9/9 was a exhilarating. The hurricane crowds were so low, combined with EEMH that we just tossed aside an our crafted touring plans. NO need for the plans in those conditions!

One interesting point, I have a return trip with grandkids at the end of September. I was looking at resort pricing. It is over the top high. I guess Disney thinks it will be busy then.

1’s across the board on a Friday…granted, it’s Sept, but this is crazy

In a related topic, could Disney have made an error in their pricing structure? Are the crowds reduced because it has become cost prohibitive? Last fall they had a big increase in all food and beverage. They had a significant increase in annual pass costs. On site resort prices are rather high for the room that you get. I’m single, but if I had a family of four would I go to a destination where my 10 year old costs the same as an adult?

Perhaps, this is another signal of another recession. 2008 was BAD. Hopefully, the economy doesn’t suffer too poorly.

Although, this post would put a smile on my face because low crowds for my late October visit would be awesome.