Gaylord Palms Resort

Has anyone stayed at the Gaylord Palms resort? I found out a conference I am supposed to go to every other year is being held there next November (my turn to go!). It just hit me that it would be a great chance to possibly do the Christmas party one night solo (or with a coworker). Does anyone know how the shuttle from that resort to Disney runs? Is it frequent? Would it run late enough for the Christmas party? I doubt I’d stay until the end, but would LOVE to go for at least a few hours.

Any other options if I/we don’t rent a car? I am a pretty nervous person when out by myself. If we were on Disney property, it’d be a no brainer, but I’m not sure about staying offsite and commuting by myself.

Uber/Lyft - if I can do it, believe me you can do it :grin:


I second the Uber.

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There are also regular taxis if you’re more comfortable with that. The Gaylord is massive, I wouldn’t do the shuttle from there would be a major waste of time. You should plan on doing the ICE exhibit since you’ll already be at the Gaylord (have heard it’s very cold because … it’s ice!)

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