Gay Days: Are parks more crowded?

I’m planning on being in Animal Kingdom on Thur, June 1, which is the same day those attending Gay Days will be there. It’s listed as a 6 on the crowd calendar. My only other option is to go on Tues, May 30 which is an 8 on the crowd calendar.

Should I switch days or stick to my original plan? To be clear, my only worry is how Gay Days effects the crowds. No homophobia here. :slight_smile:

Did you see this post on touring plans? I remember reading a couple of years ago that gay days are one of the events that has little or no impact on the crowds. An 8? Wow! That is a big difference!

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Haven’t been myself, but reports here have been there is little impact. With the 10s of thousands of visitors at each park every day, another 1000 or so really isn’t that big a deal.