Gauze masks

I have a few gauze masks that I was planning to bring to Universal in December. I know @ryan1 had no problems when his family went on their trip earlier this year. However, it looks like Universal is becoming more strict and warning guests that they will have to leave if they don’t have a proper mask or wear one properly.
They don’t allow “mesh” masks, which seems like gauze could be considered a mesh material. So I am wondering about my gauze masks and if they will still be allowed when we go.
I have non-gauze masks that I can wear if necessary, but they are hotter and less comfortable.
Anyone been to UOR in the recent days with gauze masks?

My concerns arose after reading this article:

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I would say it depends on the “quality” of the gauze mask. And, I think in hindsight, if I were to do it again, I’d probably layer two gauze masks together so that they have two physical layers. In fact, my wife did just this thing. She had two gauzy masks, and sewed one into the other. It still is cooler than some of the other masks, but offers better protection as well as better adheres to the requirements of the parks. I have two gauzy masks, and will have my wife do the same.

I’m less concerned, and might not even use the masks we used in August, for December because, frankly, it will be much (much!) cooler out. Average highs are listed to be about mid-70s, versus the upper 90s/low 100s we were seeing. Plus, my wife has sewn us some nice Christmas-themed masks for our trip! :slight_smile:

The gauze masks we had were relatively thick. But if you can in any way see through the mask, I’d say it isn’t good enough.

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Thanks! I just ordered myself a nice 2 layer gauze mask recently with a nose clip inside. I feel like this one would be acceptable. The other masks I have are just 1 layer though. I will certainly bring my bamboo moisture wicking mask, which should be comfortable enough if the gauze is not accepted.

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Let me know how you like those. I’m using a one-layer gauze everywhere here, but would like your opinion on the two-layer ones when you get it.

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The 2 layer feels great! Honestly can’t tell much of a difference between the 1 ply vs 2 ply. The nose clip in the 2 layer one really helps though!

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What’s a gauze mask?

It’s a mask made of cotton gauze. Tons sold on Etsy. It’s very breathable, but probably offers less protection because the material isn’t close-knit.

Just one example of many on Etsy.