Gathering the loose 🤣

Random questions I need help with to finalize plans for our trip!

  • Walmart delivery. I keep seeing people say they will call to confirm your order and if you don’t answer because you are on the airplane, your order is cancelled?! Any issues with this? We could do Amazon prime but Walmart has more selection.

  • We are rope dropping several mornings. Should we take an Uber instead of dealing with the bus?

-can adults order kids meals? I keep seeing sites say yes, however the online menus say under 9 only?!

I cannot answer the Walmart question, as I have never done it, but I can tell you I have always rope dropped, mostly because I am a morning person, and I enjoy using the bus. Maybe if I share my experience, it will help give you something to consider to help you decide.
Usually I get a bus about an hour before park opening and it is so calm and peaceful. I will grab a danish or some coffee from the hotel and eat it on the way, take photos of the sunrise, etc. I will get a times guide and look to confirm nothing has changed and my TP times line up with actual show times, etc. The buses come well before the park opens so you only have to worry about how crowded it is, and the bus filling up if you wait until about 30 min before park opening to leave your resort. Also, the bus drops you off right near the front, where I have heard some ride-shares drop you have at the TTC. I have heard only Lyft Minnie Vans will drop you off where the buses do.
So I guess it depends on how you feel about a bus and what works best for you and your family. Hope this helps give you something to consider.


i can’t speak to walmart delivery but i’ve used amazon prime now with ease for a same-day order placed just before boarding a cross-country flight.

i’ve had great experiences with early busses from pop and pofq. when the timing was critical, i spoke with the cast member overseeing busses the day prior to ask what time was recommended we be at the bus stop to assure we made it.

It’s easy to get the bus for RD. The exception might be if you need to be at AK super early for FOP.

Usually adults can order kids meals.

I was there last week, took the 7-7:30 bus (the time varied by day/park) each morning from my resort. No EMH - so all parks opened at 9. I was at the rope by 7:35-7:50 (no wait for bag check, super easy)- I was AT the rope… not near the rope, but on the rope line with this method.