Gaston's Gallop: A RunDisney Trip Report (11/5-11/9/21)

I have some catching up to do here, my friend!

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I probably won’t post any more until next week, so you have plenty of time to catch up. I have not been putting as much into this report as I had hoped anyways. Life is so crazy right now…


I’m not crying - you’re crying! :sob:

This is one of my favorite songs. I love how different songs/movies can have such special meaning for us.


I feel ya! I’m behind on mine but am planning to keep on top of it and get it done by the weekend!

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I just totally stopped mine, so you’re both ahead of me and doing great! (Though I had to move and visit doctors and had no internet…I’ll get there!)


I discovered this last year, now it is a multiple must do each trip. It does not get the appreciation it deserves and something unique to Disney


Wow, love this. I just cant imagine what you went thru


That’s so terrible. What an asshole

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Oh man!!!

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How perfect for you!

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I concur.


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It’s wicked cool to be involved in. I experienced it during marathon weekend 2018 while at AK to see a friend running there.




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Just catching up on your report — I get motion sick on elevators. For FoP I keep my eyes closed and cover up the screen on the bike until I feel the air and smell the forest. The strobe before the doors open mess with my equilibrium like mad.


At 225p I was entering the SR queue for RnRC, and didn’t launch until 305p, so a 40 minute wait! I can’t remember the posted standby time, but pretty sure it was only 45-60, so not a huge advantage for SR. I noticed some cool details though, like some decorative columns that resemble guitars. And another guest’s shirt with an awesome slogan: “To err is human; to goof, divine.”

It was a great ride, and I didn’t feel nauseous at all like the day before. But it took so much of my time that I decided to not try for another ride (was originally thinking ToT, MFSR via SR, or TSMM). I just took a minute for the HS icon photo, and then went to the 400p showing of BatB. I wanted to get the closest seat I could near the middle so I could try for some better photos of the show.

A few quick comments…

It was getting crazy crowded. I had never seen the BatB show so packed, and the area outside completely full of strollers and ECVs.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet, but the 6-foot distancing requirements really screwed up the BatB show. The fight scene is ridiculous looking, punches are literally thrown across that 6-foot space, and the end scene with Belle and the Prince is nearly as silly looking. They never come within 6 feet of each other.

BatB had the same principal cast that I saw back in October, but I could tell it was much more polished. It was really almost flawless except for the 6-foot awkwardness.




Boardwalk & Epcot

I took the walking path back to the Boardwalk where I got pizza and beer for dinner at 450p. I haven’t gone back and counted yet, but pretty sure this was Schofferhofer #3 (maybe 4?). Enjoyed the view and took my time getting over to Epcot.

I was in Morocco at 520p getting a Casa beer, which is an actual Moroccan import. Love trying new beers. I walked quickly around Morocco and Japan, which I had never explored before. I didn’t go into any interior spaces, was mostly admiring the architecture and exterior details. So amazing.

I was sitting in the American Adventure at 545p and the show started pretty soon after that. Epcot was pretty busy, but still this theater was not very full. I hope it never gets the axe, because I think it’s a real treasure. The film material, stage pieces, narration, music, it is all extremely well done. This time, the song “Two Brothers” hit me particularly hard. I thought about my boys, and what it must have been like for our ancestors living through civil war.

Two brothers on their way
One wore blue and one wore grey
One was gentle, one was kind
One came home, one stayed behind

Two girls waitin’ by the railroad track
For their darlin’s to come back
One wore blue and one wore black


Poor Will Rogers still looked like he had had a stroke or something, was looking down the whole time and barely moved his arms. It was better than in October when he was motionless, but still…

At 630p I was walking into TT via SR queue, and decided to make a car this time. It is worth knowing that in the SR queue, they only provide you with a list of 8 preset cars to choose from. You don’t get to customize them. BOOOOOOOO! On the positive side, I literally walked on to the ride vehicle.

I walked over to the Creations Shop at 640p and bought DD2 an Elsa doll for her birthday present. Then got my icon photo as I headed to the monorail. Couldn’t decide on the best background… .

I boarded the monorail at 655p, and was joined by a large group of obnoxious drunk people having a pretty vulgar conversation, even dropping F bombs here and there. This despite the fact that young kids were in the same cabin! WTF? I made eye contact with 2 of the dads and I was certain they were going to say something. But nobody did. I’m a coward… I guess they were too. I got off at the TTC and hopped on the General Joe Potter to cross Seven Seas Lagoon to MK. I had never been on the ferry before, so I was happy to have completed my WDW transportation bingo on this trip. I really enjoyed this arrival method. Especially at night.

My plan was to watch Enchantment from Main Street, and then get Very Merry.


Just FYI - there are two kiosks just before the gift shop on the right (if you are walking toward the exit) where you can make a car. No time limit and tapping in will save it to your magic band . So then when you go through the single rider line, you can tap in and ride with your customized car. We do it all the time!


Wow. This is a pro move! I’m taking a friend in two weeks who’s never been to Epcot and I wanted to try single rider at TT to save time. But I worried that it’s not the full experience. Problem solved!


OOOOOOOOOOO YEAH! Excited to do this in January!


We generally enter through the gift shop and make a car before heading over to the SR line. We’ve never had to wait more than a couple of minutes for the person in front of us to finish. You can also make a car and then walk back through the exit to the place where you tap in to see how your car compares to everyone else without having to ride. While we love TT, honestly the best part is making the car!